Salvador Dali & Walt Disney tell a story: Destino

Destino is a beautiful animation, a surreal, creative love story that I have only just discovered. It was produced between 1945 and 1946, according to the video description. In the intro to the animation, it says it took over half a century to complete (will find out more, just want to post this). And yes, it is indeed a collaboration between the Walt Disney and the Spanish painter and master of the surreal, Salvador Dali. Apparently Dali called the animation “a magical display of the problem of life in the labyrinth of time” and Disney’s description is “A simple story about a young girl of true love.”

It’s dreamy and romantic and and set in a series of beautiful, surreal environments. With ants that turn into men in coats riding bicycles carrying a loaf of bread on their heads.

She is a long-lashed beauty who loves a man hard as stone. Actually he is stone, a statue of Chronos, the man who controls time. But maybe in this story at least he isn’t all stone and clock? This Chronos stud is also not the typical older man with the beard.

Chronos can step out of his stone encasing but yet he and she can still not easily find their way to one another. Especially when her head becomes a glowing white marble and he, now a baseball player, smacks the head, now glowball, out of the park. And if you don’t care about the difficult love story, just watch her dance, so fluid and easy, past eyeballs with pointing arms and phone receivers hanging in mid-air, and his equally smooth moves take you through landscapes in which objects always morph into new ones. a

Credits include: Directed by Dominique Monfery, executive producer: Roy Edward Disney (Roy is Walt Disney’s nephew); producer: Baker Bloodworth; production: design Thierry Fournier; Animation: David Berthier, Dominique Monfery, Yoshimichi Tamura; Music (Destino) Armando Dominguez, English lyrics by Ray Gilbert, performed by Dora Luz; additional music by Michael Starobin.

Maria Popova (Brain Pickings) describes the animation here, in The Atlantic.

BondeCurlsBlueEyes mentions the book by David Bossert called: Dali & Disney: Destino – the Story, Artwork and Friendship Behind the Legendary Film’ and you can find it
here at goodreads.

According to the goodreads site, Walt Disney and Salvador Dali became friends and started working together, also story boarding the animation with the legendary John Hench. But they couldn’t complete the project due to financial troubles. Walt Disney’s nephew Roy Edward Disney took it upon himself to do so and the film was released in 2003.

David Bossert, author of the book and head of classic programs at Disney gives a talk at The Dali Museum about the book, the making of the animation and the friendship between Dali and Disney.

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