I write, report, edit, and juggle texts, images, and multimedia for European and U.S. print and online publications. Am also a fledgling platform developer. Since I am curious about many themes, my topics range from engineering to culture, from business to medicine, and from education to biking. My website with links to my published work is here.

Little by little, my project to build an online archive of documentary film inches ahead. The roll-out will not happen until it holds 1,000 films. And from there, it will grow and grow in crowd-sourced glory. Right. I have adjusted that roll-out number downward. 500 is what I am shooting for now.

I have written articles as well as books and also produced many documentaries. For six years, I was senior producer and commissioning editor at ARTE, a joint venture between French and German public television. I put together theme evenings, which have a narrative arc and use any and all genres, from short films and animation to documentaries and feature films.

Growing up in Europe and the U.S., I found learning languages to be great fun, but, zut alors, I am not sure I will ever haul my French out of mediocrity. I am also trying to learn the programming language Ruby. It seems powerful, cool, and clear. And the name is beautiful, too.

I studied biology and a sprinkling of other subjects at a state college and later landed a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT, where I built a little robot called Peppy. At the end of that year, I published an academic paper, available here.

As a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow, I received a master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Currently, I work as an editor and reporter and am trying to write a book. (Don’t ask.) To counter-balance, I play table tennis and eat dark chocolate.

Vivien Marx

Twitter: @metricausa
Website: http://www.vivienmarx.com

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